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    Two For Blue

    $2 from every product sold is donated
    toward plastic cleanup of our oceans.

    Derma Pacific believes the biggest source of natural healing comes from the ocean. We are blessed to be provided such a resource, teaming with organic life. However, in the last 100 years, mankind has created a devastating trend from which we must recover. Affecting ocean animal life, plant life and the foundational chemistry of the waters, this new pollution is the byproduct of modern manufacturing and can be described in one word: Plastic. Plastic waste is destroying our oceans. We only use recycled plastic and boxes and $2 from every purchase goes directly to help keep our ocean clean.

    In the Pacific Ocean, there are literal islands of plastic forming larger than many US States. Gone unchecked, the damage provided when the sun breaks down the plastic through ultraviolet rays is heartbreaking. The source, the symbol of life is being strangled by this man-made product. Because plastic accumulation is typically in international waters, it does not fall upon any single government or corporation to repair.


    We must stand to help. If we are all willing to help, we can make a difference in recovering and responsibly disposing of the plastic plight.

    Derma Pacific is working to protect our oceans. Our board members have been on the ground, most recently in the volunteer environmental response teams to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. We see the threat of plastic increasing and needs to be dealt with before the problem becomes irreparable. We believe the oceans are, “the lungs of the earth.”


    That’s why when you buy any product from Derma Pacific, $2 of each product sold goes towards plastic cleanup from our oceans. We expect to make a big impact in making our oceans healthy again and would love to have you join in this process.


    To a cleaner ocean and a healthier planet.