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    The Sequence

    The ocean has long held the
    secrets of youth and anti-aging.
    In a marriage of nature and science, Derma Pacific
    captures the renewing rich energies of the sea to
    create a natural and nourishing sense of well-being.
    Deeply effective elixirs and moisturizers restore the
    skin at a cellular level with oceanic kelp stem cells
    — a priceless gift to your body, an experience like
    no other. Derma Pacific seeks to bring the healing
    and restorative power of the ocean to you.
    Inspired by the healing energies of the sea,
    hydrates, plumps, and smoothes.   
    Brings visible definition to facial contours for
    a more youthful appearance.   
    Minimizes lines and wrinkles to visibly
    nourish and restore skin.   
    A signature ice technique targets
    discoloration and unevenness,
    illuminating skin with an infusion of light.   
    Calming treatment soothes
    irritation and helps  enhance
    skin’s natural healing process.