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    Skin Concerns

    Our skin is an index of the body. Healthy skin represents a healthy body. Any kind of skin discoloration or problem indicates an imbalance in some part of our body which needs to diagnose properly to remove its root cause. It is the only visible organ of the human body and provides excellent insight as to the overall health of the systems it protects. A healthy, glowing skin represents youthful energy - something many strive to maintain.


    Major Causes of Skin Problems


    • Change in Lifestyle
      Lifestyle is the root cause of most skin problems. Poor dietary habits, shift in physical activeness and mental burdens cause the mind and body to experience stress & hypertension. Biological clocks are often followed for eating and sleeping. This uneven timing causes disturbances in the body functions - moving away from natural rhythms.
    • Poor Diet
      Due to poor diet, our bodies suffer from nutritional loss. Lack of various essential nutrients like Vitamin A, B1, D, E weakens our systems. Even the absence of the required amount of fat in the diet causes dryness of skin, which further causes additional skin problems.
    • Effects of Aging
      Nowadays, the pace of aging is faster. Technology has reached a level that people forget the body is a natural being - with a cycle of life of its own. During the teenage years, our hormones become active, leading to increased oil secretion from the body which causes pimples and acne. As we reached the mid 40’s, activeness of these hormones becomes slower, creating dryness. From that time, the skin begins forming wrinkles, patches, and many disorders. We can’t avoid this change brought on by age, but we can lower the pace by improving the resources our skin is affected by. This is through direct application of vitamins and nourishing minerals and improving the quality of diet.
    • Excessive beautification
      The human body is most beautiful when left natural. By changing the skin with additional beautification techniques, it is important to remember that natural beauty is what most are seeking to restore. Skin which looks artificial or medically enhanced often appears unnatural. Using chemicals on the face will have adverse effects in the long run - in 2 to 4 years when the instant results fade. Beware of products containing bleaching agents, amino acids, and strong chemicals - these products will soften the skin by damaging it. Rather, naturally improving your skin by feeding it the vitamins and minerals it needs to repair and rebuild is the better, long-term option.